Did I mention I've got a small run of Fuck It sweatpants back in stock? Because I do. They have pockets.
https://www.dieselsweeties.com/ics/1207/ Are you on my store email list? I’m having a moving sale – and I finally got some sweatpants with pockets agai…
What happens when you drink coffee in the METAVERSE???
I’m still not entirely sure I understand Menace-11. https://www.dieselsweeties.com/ics/1205/
*Probably not a metaphor
define “doing” https://www.dieselsweeties.com/ics/1202/
(The Internet Got Worse) https://www.dieselsweeties.com/ics/1201/
I’M COOL, RIGHT??? https://www.dieselsweeties.com/ics/1200/
mew mew mew mew mew mew https://www.dieselsweeties.com/ics/1199/
and the APR is usurious